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Amex Business Charge Card- Financial Review FR Process


Amex Business Charge Card- Financial Review FR Process

I  wanted to add this because I could NOT find an answer about F/R ( Financial Reviews) on business accounts. 


Luckily for me, my business is a C-Corp. Just got the card end of last year and despite having a D&B file and public records files that show 7 to 8 digits revenue. They would not let us charge more than $2k per month. We finally got it up to $6k and they started begging for half 3 weeks before the statement was due  ( and 1.5 before it cut.) By month 6 we made it up to $9k and once again they started calling. I knew what that was about...they wanted half again. I ignored them as long as I could but the calls would not stop. Then I got an email, it said all transactions would be declined but the account was NOT suspended. Two days later , I got an email ( without calling) that said I could use the card but "charging privileges MAY be suspended." Well, I paid them and used the card again. I noticed that my AU's could not charge $1000 but I could charge $1900. AMEX is funny like that. Yesterday (Day 4 after my payment)  and today (Day 5)  I put in $2500 and it said the charges would not be approved. About 4 hours later, I got a call with a long voicemail transcript. I listened and she left the infamous FR #. I proved that we could AFFORD to pay and we got FR'd. Nice!


Amex  feeds you a line about this is so we can better assist you and meet your needs. <--- Yeah right.

They make it seem as if the FR is to do you a favor. In my case hopefully it will. To make over 2 Mil and not be able to charge $3k is CRAZY. Doesn't that make you want to laugh? I've learned that being FR'd is not that  bad. I got FR before I even received my personal card. I have not had any problems with them since.


Questions AMEX will ask:


1. Name

2. Best # to reach you on

3. Salary and title

4. Business type " what do you do"

5. Ask for your email address.


Then they email you and ask you to complete the 4506-T for YOUR BUSINESS. If you are using the AMEX BIZ card because you are an employee and your boss/employer reimburses you how is that going to work? They want to see the business information you report to the IRS. In my case a 1120. Hope they offer me a black card ( yeah I'm dreaming right?)









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