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Amex Business Gold Questions

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Amex Business Gold Questions

I was approved for the Amex business gold yesterday after defaulting with amex around 1999 for roughly $4,600.00. I also understood it to be the case that you can generally apply for a personal card on the same day with the same pull so I hit up the prequal site and was approved for the Hilton Honors card with a small SL of $2,000.00. (With the addition of these two cards, Im out of the market for additional credit for at least 12 mos.)


I live in FL, they pulled my Experian which at the time was sitting at 711.


Here are my questions:


1. How high is the intermal limit on new accounts and whats the fastest way to raise it?  

- I figure my spend for the month of September between my apple card and new regions cards will be in the range of $50k.  It doesn't seem like that will be an option on a "NPSL" card without throwing up some serious red flags.  Should I charge and pay my bill multiple times per month?


2. Can I undergo a voluntary financial review?

I know people are scraed of a FR, but with my planned activity, I feel theyre going to come knocking,. Id like to get it out of the way as soon as possible.  



Last Inquiry 1/16/2020 (BBT Bright Business Visa $15,000.00)
Fico Score Progression :
10/1/2018 EQ 530 TU 535 EX 540
2/6/2020 EQ 736 TU 736 EX 721
In the garden till 11/1/2020
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