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Amex Business Platinum Approval

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Re: Amex Business Platinum Approval


Current Cards:
AmEx Hilton Honors Surpass//AmEx Platinum Card//Ann Taylor Rewards Mastercard//Capital One Platinum Card//Credit One AmEx//Credit One Platinum VISA//Fingerhut//Navy More Rewards AmEx//TruWest Platinum VISA//Aspire VISA//Costco Anywhere VISA//Lowes Advantage//Apple Card
1 Mortgage/////Navy FCU Auto Loan (2020 Jaguar I-Pace)//Capital One Auto (2016 BMW i3)
Next Cards (4th QTR 2022):
Navy Flagship Rewards VISA//Chase Sapphire Preferred
Scores: 700's // Inq's: 1 for mortgage // Util: 1% // AoOA: 21 yrs

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Re: Amex Business Platinum Approval

What is your credit limit and or is this a card you have to pay off in full each month? 

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