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Amex Business Prime Approval

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Amex Business Prime Approval

Found myself using amazon a lot more this year since the lockdowns and associated business behavior began, and since i am considering a new mortgage or construction loan i have decided against any new personal accounts or hard pulls for a while (even if i do qualify, looking at you chase amazon prime card!)

Cold app'd for amex business prime card, 20k approval w/ 100$ statement credit (thought i read it came with 125$ amazon gift card. maybe i misread..)



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Re: Amex Business Prime Approval

I would double check with AMEX on that bonus. Checking just now on the card page it shows an instant gift card of $125 after approval for the Prime version. This is the first I've seen of an actual spending requirement to get the signup bonus


Either way congrats on your approval!

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Re: Amex Business Prime Approval

Congrats on the approval! That's a nice Sl. 


I hope they sort out the sign up bonus. All the ads I recall have shown the $125 gift card. Good luck!

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Re: Amex Business Prime Approval

That's one awesome SL right there! Congrats on a really nice addition to your AMEX lineup! Hope the new card serves you well. Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex Business Prime Approval

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: Amex Business Prime Approval

Congrats, that's a really nice CL !! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Amex Business Prime Approval

I just app'd for this card on Tuesday after watching some videos online for it over the weekend. It seemed to make a lot of sense for me to get it as well, since I don't have a card that regularaly gets me 5% when I spend a good chunk of money with them. I app'd cold as well and got approved instantly too. They did include the $125 Amazon gift card and it was already in my account as soon as I was approved.

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