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Amex Corporate Card

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Amex Corporate Card

My company wants me to put my name on an AMEX corporate card. I actually don't want to do this as my credit is not good (640) and have been slowly trying to raise it. I'm assuming that they will do a credit check so I'm wondering what are the chances I get declined? 

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Re: Amex Corporate Card

Welcome to the forums.  Amex will often have loosened underwriting standards for employees being issued corporate cards.  As long as you have not had a previous bad relationship with American Express you are likely okay, but do you happen to specifically know your Experian FICO 8 score?  That is the one they will use.  Discover provides it free (even for those without Discover cards) at

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Re: Amex Corporate Card

Just looked it up and it's actually 610 which concerns me even more.

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Re: Amex Corporate Card

AMEX has a number of different permutations of agreements that can negotiated for corporate accounts.  That includes whether or not your employer assumes sole responsibility or if there is shared responsbility between yourself and your employer for payment of charges,  and can also outline what your employers' contingencies are if you would normally be considered a poor credit risk.   Having a FICO score of 610 is NOT an blanket disqualifier from AMEX with regard to being issued a corporate card and I have known people who had multiple serious derogs within the previous 24 months be issued corporate green cards. 


The person you want to be talking to directly is your employer's designated administrator of the AMEX corporate account.



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Re: Amex Corporate Card

Not for nothing... The stronger your company is, the better your chances are. They are only judging you partially.

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