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Amex Platinum Approval Business

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Amex Platinum Approval Business


I'm writing to express my enthusatism and appreation of the timely and early approval of my Amex Platinum Business card. I called into Amex to speak with a CSR about the status of my SCRA benifts and to my surprise, my less than a month old account was available for a upgrade. Of course the CSR said that there would be a 50,000 point bonus upon spending 10,000 USD in the first 3 months of having the card.Additionally, the card would arrive in plastic and upon user activation, one could request the metal card. Yes, I know dumb, but the fee of 550 USD will be waived due to me being active duty military. Also, the CSR acknowleged that for new accounts AMEX usually conducts an account review at the 6 month mark to determine if your personal account is available for a upgrade. The CRS also acknowleged that the whole "account approach" is used when determing if an upgrade will be offered. Payment history and whether your late or on time is all taken into consideration. So, having a Platinum Business plays a huge factor into their decision making process for your personal account upgrades.

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Re: Amex Platinum Approval Business

Annual Fee



  • 35% Airline Bonus‡
  • Up to a $200 Credit a year for baggage fees and more on one airline‡
  • Access to 1,000+ global airport lounges‡
  • Concierge Service‡
  • Gogo®‡ & Boingo Internet‡
  • No foreign transaction fees
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