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Amex application with EX Initial fraud alert?

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Amex application with EX Initial fraud alert?

Hi everyone, wanted to get some thoughts on this. Applied for an Amex amazon business prime card the other day. Got the 7-10 day message, followed by an email directing me to the check status site. When I logged in, the application showed “cancelled.” The attached file was a letter stating that Amex needed my bank to verify my home address on letter head. They were very very specific regarding bankers name, extension, office hours, signature, etc etc. called Amex and they said the initial fraud alert on my Experian (that EX put on there without me even knowing) was the reason for this verification.

I sent a secure message to NFCU yesterday and they had it to me within 24 hours. The letter states they do not have direct phone lines but that Amex could call and “any rep” would verify the letter. Don’t know if this letter will fly with Amex because I’ve read many posts with people saying their bank letter was turned down for little things like this... no direct line, or the bank requesting that Amex call them with member on the phone, and not the other way around.

I guess I’d like to hear your thoughts. Is this a likely approval or is this what they need to even review my file? It seems pretty detailed. I ask because in the event they do not approve my letter, id have to drive 3 hours one way to get to an NFCU branch.... so I’m trying to decide just how many hoops I’m willing to jump through to get this accepted.

Basic DPs:
AAOA: almost 6 years
Oldest account: more than 12 years

Experian: 702 Fico 8

Lots of inquiries recently.

4/12 new card accounts, 2/6 new card accounts

1 secured $3000 personal loan with NFCU in March, which was paid off in just under two months (only choice I had due to an issue with the collateral)

No collections

3 old paid charge offs

1 paid auto charge off (reporting as happening in 2018, not 2017... working on getting it corrected)
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Re: *Update* Amex application with EX Initial fraud alert?

So I called Amex to see if they had received the fax with requested verification letter. Got a super nice rep on the line who said they will update the status in 24 hours. I asked him if this was an approval pending verification or did they need verification to even consider the app...

This was his response:

“If we have asked for verification, in my many years experience with Amex, it means your credit account will be approved and finalized once we receive the requested documents, we are so happy you decided to become a valued Amex customer (or something along those lines)”..... he then threw in the, “please don’t quote me on this, I am really not supposed to offer this information.” I explained that I was asking because if i needed another document, I might not be able to travel the long distance to a branch if it was just to review the app. He assured me it would be worth it and that they were “so thankful to have me as a part of Amex”........ SAY WHAT?!?!?!

Soooo maybe I just found an in with Amex?! Thought I’d never live to see that day.

Now I just hope they accept the letter provided by NFCU. The verifying banker does not have a direct line and their signature is not wet inked, but they did say if Amex called the main number, any rep would verify her name and position with NFCU. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!!

I feel on top of the world. 3 not-too-shabby approvals with BBT this week, and now possibly this... after everything is final I will be in the garden for the next two years... well, maybe not that long 😉🙃
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