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Amex business application - Income


Re: Amex business application - Income

CreditCuriousity wrote:

Irish80 wrote:

CreditCuriousity wrote:

BTW Apr is 16.24% after the 0 percent for 15 months.. Not bad.. On phone with them now as they made me create a new account even though i applied online from my other account... need to giet it moved over to my main account login

They gave the highest APR, 20.24% even though my Experian is 805.  Go figure.

Seriously?  **bleep** is wrong with them..  I have old lates and paid CO's granted 6 years old but lol you think you would of got the best or middle tier...  My ED has the lowest tier or actually lower than advertised due to asking.. My Other two business cards have middle tiers as well I believe.. Amex is strange!  I am rocking a 716 EXP score right now lol.  Guessing being an AU user on parents cards from 1990 might play a small role on my apr's and internal score?  Who knows, but not complaining.  Just waiting to get hit by a FR when they realize how much credit they have passed out to me lol.  I was honest and put 0 business revenue and my salary.  


I wonder if I should move some from my ED card which is at 28k to it, although to be honest I doubt I will ever get close to the 9k on the business card as that is a usable limit.  Plan on keeping the ED card open since it back dated.  I don't think I will move any of my limits around right now as dont have a BT I need either.

Doubt it.  I've had cards off and on with since 1989 and have 3 cards backdated to then 

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