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Amex offering me blue business cash?

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Amex offering me blue business cash?

I don’t own a business at all though? So why am I being targeted ? I’m pre approved for it , 40k membership points
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Re: Amex offering me blue business cash?

Congratulations on your offer!
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Re: Amex offering me blue business cash?

Apparently definition of "business" is very broad, I read you can claim small business status with ccc if you sell stuff on ebay once a year. Still, I would be careful.

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Re: Amex offering me blue business cash?

LIterally anyone can claim Sole Proprietor.  Revelate dba Revelate or whatever.


Nobody cares, if it makes sense for you take the offer.


That said the cash is kinda meh: Amex transactional network penalty (not accepted everywhere) and no better than Fido or Citi DC or a number of other 2%+ cards?  Heck I could do better with UnionBank if I keep my mortgage there and that's saying something.


Frankly if playing in Amex land it's all about the MR, and the Blue Business Plus is totally gnarly there with 2x MR for a default spender imo.  


I don't know, unless I manage to start spending my UR I'm almost temped to dip my toes in with Amex and stockpile some of their points too... it's not like Chase is going to kick me to the curb anytime soon even if I do wind up downgrading or closing the CSR altogether.

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