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Anyone have a Chase Ink Classic?

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Re: Anyone have a Chase Ink Classic?

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I will be downgrading my Ink Plus (world elite mastercard) next month to an Ink Classic (open 13 months). Does anyone know what type of mastercard it is: platinum, world, world elite (doubt it)? Not a big deal really, but just curious. Thanks.


Edit: I think I won't downgrade next month. I may try out the card for a second year and reassess then.

Is the Ink Plus downgrade to an Ink Classic/Cash always gauranteed (after 12 months) or is it a YMMV situation?

I called the regular CSR number after the 12th and 13th statements, and both times, I was told my card was ineligible for the downgrade. After giving it some more thought, I decided not to downgrade. I was one of the first to ever get the Ink Plus card, so at this point without more anecdotal evidence, I'm not sure if the card can even be downgraded.

Wow, that is unfortunate. I wonder why. Did they give you a reason? Are you trying again after the 14th statement?


When did you open up your Ink Plus card, and how come that might make it ineligible if it's "old"?

Both CSRs told me the computer system would not allow it, as it wasn't an available option. I won't be trying again. I've decided, based on my spending patterns, the Ink is more valuable than the CSP. There's a small chance I may downgrade the CSP instead next year. I'll just have to see how my spending adds up before the AF hits.
I applied for the Ink Plus right when it came out last summer (early July) on a targeted offer. A single purchase to get the sign-up bonus, 10.24% APR, and no business questions asked when activating it.

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Re: Anyone have a Chase Ink Classic?

thanks for the info, 370Z

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