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Applied for Tractor Supply Biz Card

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Re: Tractor Supply Company Business Card approved

@Red1Blue wrote:

I went online and applied for Tractor Supply Company Business Card with Credit Limit $1000 and Citi approved it. I did not give PG. I could have asked for more limit but my goal is to strengthen my Business Reports and add more accounts to it. TSC card is issued from Citi and hopefully it will grow and also open doors for other Business Cards with Citi. So far 2 accounts from Synch (Sams Store, Amazon Net55), 1 Account with Citi (HomeDepot. TSC is second) 1 Account with Amex (Amazon Amex Business Card), 1 CaptialOne ( Walmart Community). Comenity is tough one for me to crack. May be Floor and Decor with Comenity. We will see. So far my Business Credit Reports are growing nicely.  

I feel like revolvers can be stronger than very low limit net30s if they report your balance like fnbo as most people just use quill and similar companies for 50-100 dollar transactions and it wasn't until i had five figure accounts that I noticed an ease of acceptance. Even lacking financials doesn't seem to be super important for loans without any iv when you have solid tradeline history 


and congrats! 

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