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Approved - AMEX SimplyCash Plus

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Approved - AMEX SimplyCash Plus

When online paying my consumer cards I was presented with a notification that I was pre-approved for the card.

I debated for a bit and decided to apply.

Approved, but for only 2K

I have the AMEX Delta Platinum at 12K

The AMEX Clear at 10K

I assume I'm close to their comfort level.

LLC, been in business for 9 years.

Provided my Tax EIN

90K in business income

150K+ in personal income


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Re: Approved - AMEX SimplyCash Plus

At least since it is a business card, if you use most of the limit it will not impact your personal utilization.
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Re: Approved - AMEX SimplyCash Plus

Amex also lets your move that personal balance over if you need to , FYI.



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Re: Approved - AMEX SimplyCash Plus

Appreciate the info.


So today I log in to pay the consumer cards and in the header it asks me to apply for the Gold Business Card.

50,000 after $5000.00 spend within first 3 months.


It asks the same information as the SimplyCash Plus card did.


Not sure if this is pre-approved or just marketing.


It knows my business since there is a link to apply for a different business.


A flat APR for purchases


And states

"We have used information about you and/or your business on file with American Express to extend this offer to you. This offer is based on the accuracy of that information. Information that we have on file will be used for the application associated with this offer. We will only request additional information that we require from you at this time. If you desire to change any information we have on file, you may do so by calling the number on the back of your Card, however, you may no longer be eligible for this offer."


Curious if any of this is indicitative of a pre-approval.


Thanks much as always.



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Re: Approved - AMEX SimplyCash Plus

Keep in mind that for the current business Gold Card the annual fee is no longer waived the first year.

A fixed interest rate showing is in your favor.

How long have you had your oldest Amex card?


Did you get a sign up bonus on your SimplyCash Plus?

Unless you are doing a lot of spending for the Gold rewards categories you may be better off with just the SimplyCash Plus.

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Re: Approved - AMEX SimplyCash Plus

I've been a member since 2006

Yes, there was a SOB with the Simply cash plus.

Your point is valid. I'd need to evaluate the categories. Not certain I would of this was just marketing.

Appreciate your input.


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