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BBC $500 SUB

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Re: BBC $500 SUB

@Ficoproblems247 wrote:

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Congrats on the offer!!! I'm out of it today, I saw BBC and immediately thought... British Broadcasting has a card.. Doh!!! 😂 

Are you apping CP first? That was the true goal, right? Good luck!!!

Smiley Happy

SO, the goal is: BBC sometime between 5/27-6/1. There should be no reason for a HP from AMEX for this so it shouldn't affect anything. (I know it can happen and am prepared if it does, but it's not likely.) and then Cash+ on 6/1! Smiley Happy

@Ficoproblems247, $500 is a nice incentive! Please keep us posted on your "BBC" progress.

@M_Smart007 Will do. I should be pulling the trigger on 5/28. It should most likely be an easy approval, but I have high exposure with AMEX for my income so I'm hoping they don't transplant some of my CL from another card for the approval. I'll easily hit the first $250 for the sub, but the extra $250 is probably a 50/50 chance of happening as I'll have 3 other SUBs I'll be chasing after that one lol. 

I have this SUB but only have Business cards with AMEX.  The two Blues in my sig are from March and April.  What is the rule of how many cards in what time span?  I would like to try for a personal AMEX revolver knowing it would likely be a $2k limit or something.  At least I could start the 3x CLI clock running.  I will be clean on EX in a few months but why wait? 


I have 4 EX Inq's, and am 3/12 -  I do suspect they will do a HP for my first personal card but who knows?  They are throwing all kinds of big subs at me right now.  Perhaps because I have run so much through their business cards and have been an exemplary customer so far.

Eh, they aren't overly twitchy about credit seeking unless it's excessive or they are not comfortable with something in your profile. When you click on the personal cards when you're logged in does it say "Spiritcraft, you're pre approved" or "Applying to expand your membership with us is easy, Spiritcraft?" 

It is expanding but it has said that for my last 3 approvals.  Only my first, the Biz Gold, had the approval language.  I do think they are starting to like me.  It is worth a shot but not sure due to two recent approvals.  Is there a thing about how many approvals in X number of days?



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