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BJ's Business Mastercard - gone, or lies?

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BJ's Business Mastercard - gone, or lies?

I saw on the website that capital one was taking over the cards, they even have a business mastercard.  Today I got a letter from comenity saying the program is ending, and all accounts are being closed. to be exact, it says "all my BJ's Perks World Business Mastercard credit accounts, including your own, will close". 


If I was to guss, capital one did not want any non-PG accounts. I am curious if any business mastercard holders are being converted. 

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Re: BJ's Business Mastercard - gone, or lies?

I think you're probably right about Crap1 not wanting to carry acounts that aren't PG'd.

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Re: BJ's Business Mastercard - gone, or lies?

I'm glad you posted this.

My account with a $40k line (no PG) opened about 8 years ago was closed.  I never received a letter from Comenity regarding the closure and I never received any cards from Capital One.  I called Capital One and they told me they don't see an account in their system for the BJ's business card and that I should contact Comenity.


I called Comenity and the rep who was nice but clueless found a note stating the account was closed and that a letter was sent at the end of January that it would be closed on February 24th.  She told me that I had to contact the credit bureau and transferred me to Experian.  I'm like why would I need to contact Experian.  I have stellar credit and there is no reason why my account should have been closed.  I didn't even sign for the card personally so it makes no sense.  She was clueless.


If other customers with NO PG BJ Business cards have also experienced the same thing, then it makes perfect sense.  Cap 1 most likely didn't want to honor these cards plus the fact they report their business cards to personal makes it a bigger reason not to entertain trying to get the card.  You would think that Comenity's reps would be trained on this and be able to give the reason.  Not sure how much this is going to hurt Bj's business as I have no reason to shop there any longer.

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Re: BJ's Business Mastercard - gone, or lies?

It has been weird for sure. Capital One rolled out a business card, but it is nowhere to be found online. So somehow "some" cardmembers got a business card, but you cannot apply for it. 


On the business side Comenity was generous. I moved over to SAMS and Sync is so so over there. 

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