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BOA Cash Rewards - Business - Approved

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BOA Cash Rewards - Business - Approved

I had been denied many times for this card and would get a secured card offer.


Logged into business account and the offer to apply apeared and cold apped. Was not a prequlified offer.


Status went to 7-10 days. Figured was going to be another secured offer.. Smiley Sad


Got text message from BOA:


"Contratulations, your Bank of America credit request was approved. View in Online Banking for more info."


Login to BOA nothing shows in online banking.


Called in was approved for $8,500.00

Not sure if it will report to personal. This is my largest credit card limit to date. 


Has a personal guarentee.


D and B 502

They pulled TU personal FICO 8 682

Dirty file 6 Accounts with lates last one over 2 years old, no collections and no public records.

Thick file with a TON of new credit, 15 new accounts in the last 12 months.



Things I never do:
Finance a car for more than 36 months
Finance taxes or extended warranties
No need for gap ever
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Re: BOA Cash Rewards - Business - Approved

Congrats on your BOA Biz. Approval!


"Should not report to Personal Credit" , unless you default.

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Re: BOA Cash Rewards - Business - Approved

Sweet, grats on getting the CR business approved!

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Re: BOA Cash Rewards - Business - Approved

That's terrific!!  Congratulations on your BofA Approval!! 🎉🥂👏

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