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BP Business Solutions Experience & APPROVED New Product


BP Business Solutions Experience & APPROVED New Product

Hey Guys and Girls!


It's been a while since my last contribution so I figured I would update you on my latest experience with BP Business Solutions (Fleetcor). 


In sometime early 2020, I opened a BP Business Gas Card (Net 30) with a 6500 limit, overtime I charged to it and used it on my business trips. In early 2021, I kept getting unsolicited calls from my BP relations manager telling me I'm eligible for this next best offering by BP. They called it the BP Companion Card. 


I ignored the calls as I was just happy with what I had with BP. Anyways, she randomly called me one day and I decided to pick up. She said I could choose up to my credit limit anywhere up to 18,000 and be eligible for their 2% Cash Back Net 30 product for the first 90 days, then 1% thereafter, and no credit check or new application.


I took the offer and low and behold, the cards came in the mail about a week later. I use the card a little bit but not a ton. Maybe 5-10 charges a month no more than 10k spend a month on it.  What I don't like about the card is the poor reporting functionality. I have to wait for my statements to see details on the charges. 


My question to you guys is do you have a BP companion card and what's your experience?


NOTE: I don't believe you can apply for the card as I can't find it on the website. I've uploaded a photo of the cards Smiley Happy

NOTE: I don't care much about Fleetcor but I like that BP and Fleetcor are offering more than just Fleet Cards Smiley Happy Just never be late! They will rake you to the coals. 


TitanCylinder out


BPFLEET & Companion CardBPFLEET & Companion Card



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Re: BP Business Solutions Experience & APPROVED New Product

Congratulations @titancylinder for getting the BP Business Gas Card

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