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Barclay JetBlue Approval

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Barclay JetBlue Approval

Greetings! First-time poster in this sub, but I've been reading for a few months now. My friends and I have begun an outdoor recreation-based nonprofit organization. Our primary goal is to serve our local community but I have been in contact with several nonprofits similar to us across California (we are in socal).

  • Officially Incorporated last month but we've been operating unofficially for over a year. Was able to get IRS to backdate our tax-exemption to 8/18. 
  • I have set up tradelines with Uline, Summa and Strategic. Amex extended BBP with SP for $8,000 but they robbed my Blue Card to give me $5100 extra which is nice, sort of. No luck with Quill, yet. But I've applied to Lowe's and NewEgg. I know they have looked into us because D&B shows 5 inquiries within last 30 days.
  • Wanted to seperate our finances even more by having a traveling biz card.
    • App'd with Barclay on 9/26, went into 30-day manual review. HP on Experian, was hoping for TU but not a problem.
    • Received mail on 10/8 (dated 10/1) for Articles of Incorporation and Financial Authority Agreement signed by board members and notarized.
    • Faxed docs in on 10/10 afternoon.
    • Called in today (10/17) for status update and they told me which email I listed on app (there was a typo), so I used application status website to take a look and...approved for $14k! Stoked! 


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Re: Barclay JetBlue Approval

Congrats on the approval OP. Very nice SL for the biz version!
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Re: Barclay JetBlue Approval

Awesome and congratulations of the approval and nice SL. I wish your business all the success and recongition it deserves for serving your community.
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Re: Barclay JetBlue Approval

Congrats!!! Doin' the Happy Dance for ya!!! Smiley Happy


~ This is Chess... It ain't Checkers!!! ~

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