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Behalf is now a soft pull

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Re: Behalf is now a soft pull

Thanks for the info. I can also confirm it's a SP. Just got approved for $30,000

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 10.08.43 AM.png

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Re: Behalf is now a soft pull



Outstanding SL there Dabachaleor! Congrats!


You must have strong personal and business credit. Highest SL I have seen.



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Re: Behalf is now a soft pull

I got 10,000 @ 1.5%.


Don't know that I'd ever use it -- that 1.5 starts immediately, as opposed to the typical 25 'ish day float on a zero balance credit card. But it's nice to have available.

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Re: Behalf is now a soft pull

SP confirmed. 

$ 10K at 1.5% monthly.

Thanks OP

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Re: Behalf is now a soft pull

Thanks also got approved.

Will only use it as needed.

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Re: Behalf is now a soft pull

I think it's also important to add merchants to Behalf as a new business payee. 


So far I can use Uline, Quill, AutoZone, and perhaps Lowes AR, but I'm not certain yet about Lowes. More vendors need to be added though by us users.


All my revolving accounts cannot be used for Behalf though. 


My rep made these suggestions to me:


1. Check with to local store you wish to buy from and ask a manager if they have accepted a Behalf virtual mastercard at checkout.  If they do,  you can simply shop online a day or two before going to the store and submit a request for payment from your Behalf portal. Once the transaction is approved, you will receive the (one-time mastercard for payment) and you go to store and use it at the checkout.
2. If they don't accept or they are unfamiliar you can go to the store and get a order ID for the items and an exact price for the items. You can then go home and enter a payment request and us the order ID and then when you get the card you can call the store and buy the items over the phone.
These larger suppliers are not partners with Behalf so each one will have a different payment methods.
Hope this can benefit someone using Behalf.
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