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BofA Blacklisted - Chances for BofA business card?


BofA Blacklisted - Chances for BofA business card?

See background here:


  • Should  I apply for a Business Secured CC (for my small business by opening a CD with 1k amount as my credit line- - and show them my credit worthiness in a year when they review, and potential convert it to a secured business card???
  • Will applying for secured cards trigger hard inquiries and lower my score, or get denied due to my hard inquiries? 

Sorry to confuse you guys. What matters to me is to have a good record with BofA and have a CC to build a good history with them. Nothing to do with having a bunch of CCs with rewards or Sub offers. Risk team said they can’t know anything until I apply and they get the results.


Thanks for your help in advance!

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Re: BofA Blacklisted - Chances for BofA business card?

You'd be applying for this card soley to get back in the door with BOA, and you posted that you already have biz credit cards open with AMEX and Chase, correct ? 


BOA's secured Biz card requires a PG, so yes they'll pull your personal credit for the application. 

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