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Business Credit 101


Re: Business Credit 101

Hi rebuilding:


We actually have been offering this service for some time now. You should have an umbrella C Corp for each LLC. Furthermore, you should have an LLC for each primary revenue stream or "division" under the umbrella. Ultimately, you would want a business trust for full advantages allowed by law. We recommend WY LLCs.

My .02 on D/B/As is they should be used in conjunction with each a separate entity. You can easily convolute liability by having one business doing all sorts of business under multiple D/B/As, separate LLCs i.e. ABC, LLC D/B/A ABC. Or My Co LLC D/B/A MyCo as another example.


One last point, a D/B/A has no credit file, only the entity behind it has one. If it does have unique trade lines with separate vendors you are missing the opportunity for it to stand on its own merits with the likes of D&B et al.


Hope that helps!



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Re: Business Credit 101



Hey folks ...


Does anyone know of a company or service that will do all the leg work mentioned in page 1 for me ?


I am looking to open a LLC for a trucking business. I realize that trucking is high risk and will find the financing for the truck elsewhere. I'm mainly looking to do this for the other aspects of business, office, fuel, repairs and such.


I realize that I can do this myself but am limited on time and would rather get it done for me by someone who knows what there doing with the process.




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Re: Business Credit 101

I didn't know where else to add this, but thought it would be helpful for others too. Just got denied a line of credit from Wells Fargo I have an 805 with no negatives anyways they said my business had late payments on the business credit report so I want to experian paid the $49.95 for a report to find there was only 3 tradelines on it meaning none of my business credit cards are reporting which is not the issue. Experian does not give you the name of the company and there is one on there reporting we pay 60+ days late it's listed under printing and publication category which is really confusing as we have no net 30 companies that I think would land there also they say we owe $200 right now and I have no net30 that I owe this amount too so my question is does anyone know which companies go under what category? These are the only net30 companies that we signed up for.


Uline- no money owed haven't used in almost a year

Quill- no money owed haven't used again almost a year

Amazon Corporate-use monthly but owe like $600 right now and are not behind (i did a little research and I'm pretty sure they don't report0

Sprint- paid on time every month plus should go under communications

G&K Services- not behind and I believe they are the appareal


so we have I think G&K Services showing up as appareal and that shows paid on time then packaging which I think is Uline it's not reporting anything and then the printing and publication that is showing a high balance of $400 currently owe $200 and up to 30 DBT any help on a list I did the dispute with experian and called them they say these companies pay to keep their names from us which in my mind makes no sense how can I say I dispute this charge if I don't even no where it is coming from.


Thanks for any help!


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Re: Business Credit 101

I just thought I would add if anyone can help if they know of a report that shows the companies or if anyone has printing and publication on their business experian report and know what company it is I am basically to the point of narrowing the net 30 vendors that full into that category down and calling them and asking if they are reporting us as oweing this $200 if I can get a letter from whomever this is our CL will go through right away it's actually quite ridiculious to be honest. 

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Re: Business Credit 101

How do buisness phone lines work? How long do I need to be in buisness to get one? We just started in Jan of this year and would like to open one it just makes it easier .


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Re: Business Credit 101

keithpotz wrote:

How do buisness phone lines work? How long do I need to be in buisness to get one? We just started in Jan of this year and would like to open one it just makes it easier .


Business phones are really very easy to get and don't require much at all ....EIN or DNB#

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Business Credit 101

Even though we are a new business it shouldn't be a problem right?

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Re: Business Credit 101

Thank you VERY MUCH. You made it so very clear...I look forward to to paying this forward...

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Re: Business Credit 101

Im just reading this now and I think I jumped the gun...


I registered my business 2 months ago (llc but I want to file as an s-corp), I have my ein #, im planning on opening my bank account this month, I contacted DNB to register my business (may have been premature but did it anyway to register business, had a salesman give me the pitch on paying 600 to get my DNB right now I asked why its free and my business is not ready to start yet...), I went to sprint and opened a business account with them waiting on my Iphone plus to start.



My business is Real Estate....


my business address is PO Box but I state the street name and Suite # instead will this affect my chances of getting credit?


I applied to amazon they asked for a pg but I refused to put my social and DOB submitted anyway they say they will get back to me 7-10 days?


Is there any credit cards that will give me business credit wihout a pg? I will need a gas card and a line of credit for office supplies and a company that does mailers...

Any suggestion of credit cards or companies that will provide line of credit who reports will be appreciated....


At least I think I got the sprint part down correct...



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Re: Business Credit 101




My company just got our Duns number and when I went to search to see if we were listed yet on their site we were not, BUT I saw that some companies had PO boxes listed as their address, I thought this was not allowed, as well as using a UPS store street address & suite number was not allowed ?


If a PO box is not allowed, why is that showing up in my search on the D & B site ?



Thank you



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