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Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

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Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

Never really thought about business credit the way you all do here.  I'll tell you my business credit develpment so far.



  • company established in 2002 but as sole-prop
  • converted at beginning of 2017 to LLC -- 2 members -- (on secretary of state registered, active, and in good standing)
  • property management and transportation
  • had a very thin D&B already established with only 1 trade reporting (albeit $10,000 and recent)
  • had a very thin Experian already established with 2 accounts reporting (old closed accounts)
  • had a very thin Equifax already established with 1 account reporting (old closed account)

Since I started this adventure around March 25, 2017 we have obtained the following accounts (without PG):


March, 2017:

  1. MSC Industrial (Net30) - $1,000 (probably won't order much more from them)
  2. Quill (Net30) - $1,000 (I actually use Quill every other week.  Their catalog is quite impressive.)
  3. Grainger (Net30) - $1,000 (started to use them for painting supplies although I now have Sherwin-Williams)
  4. FedEx Office Commercial (Net30) - No Limit (have not yet used them)
  5. Uline (Net30) - $1,000 (used them once, but I like Quill better -- don't tell Uline)
  6. SupplyWorks HD (Net30) - $1,000 (I am working on establishing with these guys, I like them for general supplies; they have a agreement with Home Depot for charging)
  7. Strategic Network Solutions (Net30) - $2,000 (just used as a credit builder)
  8. Sherwin-Williams PRO Commercial (Monthly/20th) - $2,500 (have some major jobs to do and will likely use this account over Home Depot)
  9. Sunbelt Rentals (Net30) - $25,000 (may need to rent equipment for upcoming work)
  10. Home Depot Commercial (Net60) - $1,000 (have already put through $650 and paid $350 of this; obtained Net60 by joining fuel rewards)
  11. CNRG Voyager Fleet (Net10) - $600 (have been using this but may start just using Shell/Exxon??
  12. CIT Direct Capital (Apple Financing instant approval) - $12,500 (purchased some Apple equipment on 24 month lease
  13. Shell Small Business - $1,000 (may become primary fuel card)
  14. Exxon-Mobil Business Card - $1,000 (will likely be back fuel card)
  15. Sunoco Corporate Card - $1,000 (Citi said yes, so it's now part of my credit portfolio)

June 2017:

  1. Staples Commercial and More $500 (net 30) - 6/2017

November 2017:

  1. Conoco Philips Fleet  $1,000 (revolving) - 11/2017
  2. Speedway Business Fleet Card $4,000 (revolving) - 11/2017
  3. Racetrac Elite Fleet Card $4,000 (revolving) - 11/2017
  4. Amazon Net55 (instant approval) $4,000 (net 55) - 11/2017
  5. Land's End Business $1,000 (net 30) - 11/2017
  6. Amazon Pay By Invoice $10,000 (net 30) - 11/2017


Total Credit Lines: $77,600

Time To Grow: 8 months (since March 2017)


Key Factors

  1. this is an established business
  2. Experian Profile of 15+ years old (Experian shows established 2002)
  3. Equifax Business Profile of 12+ years (Equifax shows established 2005)
  4. revenue is just under $500K/year (with 7 employees)
  5. Experian Profile had a score of 96 in March 2017! (that's nearly a perfect 100), now at 89 (12/2/2017)
  6. DBT (days beyond terms) is kept at 0 and we intend to keep our PayDex (D&B) above 80 at all times (curently at 79 due to Home Depot not applying a credit to an invoice which went 1 day beyond terms)
  7. We make it a point to pay 30 days before Net60 and 15 days before Net30 (to keep a PayDex above 80)
  8. Equifax Profile shows $8,494 of credit lines with $7,743 available and 6 accounts reporting
  9. Equifax Profile shows Single Highest Credit Extended is $4,000 (don't know if that's Amazon or Racetrac/Speedway)


Key Goals for Next 180 Days (Through June 2018)

  • obtain and maintain a 90-day "low 5" balance in my business account ($10K+)
  • garden until May 2018 (we'll see if it holds!)
  • put balances on most of the accounts (and pay of course)
  • try to get another $10K line reporting as $10K (see if Amazon Net55 will match Amazon Pay By Invoice)

 I attempted NewEgg, several revolving card (Home Depot, Lowes AR), Amazon, and WalMart.  Synchrony does not like me at all.  Citibank and CIT Bank have been the most friendly.  I believe that the seasoning has helped.


(I reposted this becuase the old thread somehow was rejected when I made a change.)



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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

Very impressive.  Thanks for sharing the detail and data. 

Current Scores Fico 8 - 12/17 EQ 659 TU 684 EX 660
NFCU CLOC $15,000 | NFCU More Rewards AMEX $15,000 | NFCU Cash Rewards $5000 | Discover It $1250 | Capital One QuickSilver $500 | Walmart $400 | Wayfair $700 | Williams Sonoma $500 | Capital One Secured $200

Business Credit: Office Depot Business $1000 | Uline $500 | Quill $250
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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

Thanks for the information,

in March I see you got too many approvals/cards . How many HP you got in your personal credit for that ?

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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

I guess none of the march applications need credit enquiry , they just require DUNS.

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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

These are all no-personal guarantee (no-pg) accounts.  I did not provide my personal information other than my name and, for a few of them, my date of birth for Patriot Act reasons.  Not one of these are accounts are personally guaranteed.  I made it a point to only apply for no-pg accounts to truly separate my business from myself.

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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

Got that bro, thanks.

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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

I asked Amazon Corporate Line Net55 (Synchrony) to match my $10,000 Pay By Invoice.  I get an email today that I have a new Amazon Corporate Line account (with a new last four digits).  So I called and it appears that they opened me another Net55 account with a $6,000 line of credit.  So, between the Pay By Invoice and the Net55 accounts, I have $20,000 in credit with Amazon ($10K Net30 and $10K Net55).  I am really going to garden now.

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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

Congrats bro for Amazon CLI.

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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

I am a bad boy.  I am supposedly gardening my business credit.  However, a business opportunity came across and we are going to open a mall location in 2018 (I know, I know... Amazon will eventually kill us... but...).  Since we have $10K in Amazon/SyncB Commercial Net55 and a $10K Amazon Pay-By-Invoice, I thought I'd try for the Amazon/SyncB Revolving Commercial Line.  We were denied the prior to times and as fate would have it, we received the notorius 7-10 day message.  To my surprise, Synchorny called on the business line today and, after a brief hold,  approved us for $6,000 in revolving commercial credit.  I would have liked $10K but I am not complaining at all.  This will help setup the new location.  We need to ammortize some equipment such as the Square POS,  the iPads and some other essential equipment.  All other "consummables" are going on the Net55 or thePay-By-Invoice lines.  This is our largest revolving line of credit to date.  We need to let this marinate.


Back to gardening.

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Re: Business Credit Adventure (UPDATED)

BizCreditHunter wrote:

I am supposedly gardening my business credit. 


Back to gardening.

I wouldn't try to use the concepts of personal credit learned here on your business credit.

Gardening your business credit if you want to borrow the term really has a different meaning.

EDIT: Because I went back and reread.

I think you are on the right track by using your lines, but many of them don't report.


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