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Business credit not reporting

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Re: Business credit not reporting


Congratulations. You are on your way. D&B, here we come! 😆 Like I said before, don't pay too much attention to Equifax.

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Re: Business credit not reporting

@Society1 wrote:

Quills I've placed a order for the first time and going to see if they report! Summa I have ordered numerous times won't report. Ecredable I will try. I've never heard they report to D&B also?

So far ecredable has shown up on my EQ mainly but should also show on EX.  They have not shown up on D&B yet. I am hoping this month that more will be reported for me on all three

>>current scores 12/11/21
EQ Fico9 759 | TU Fico9 763 | EX Fico9 768
EX fico 8 753 | EQ Fico8 745 | TU Fico 8 760 | Navy score 294
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Re: Business credit not reporting

How has your business credit journey progressed?


After Quill, Uline, and Grainger reported, what were the next group of vendors you got credit lines with?

Personal: Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards $1,000, Capital One Quicksilver $3,000, Avant $750, Credit One $450, Credit One Black $950, Destiny $300, Milestone $300, Mission Lane $400, Cerulean $1,500, Merrick Bank Black $700, Upgrade $1,000, Fingerhut $1,300.....

C-Corporation: Universal Premium Fleetcor $22,000, BP $9,000, Shell $10,000, Amazon $5,000, Lowe's $6,500, Phillips 66 $3,000
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