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Business creditors reporting on personal credit


Business creditors reporting on personal credit

How do I get business creditors to move from my personal to my business?


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Re: Business creditors reporting on personal credit

-  are you asking because you were (like) an accountant for a business and you were required to put the company card under your personal information, and its never shown up before until now?

- or are you asking because of the above, but you left the company eons ago?

- or are you asking because you have a delinquency appearing like a late (legitimate or mistakenly) and you want the late gone/goodwilled away, and the creditor removed from your personal credit report?

- or are you asking because you never signed as a personal guarantor for a business card, only providing Employer Identification Number information, and you want to know why that card is now appearing on your credit report? (don't laugh...saw a man throw an apoplectic fit at Advanta because he put his EIN down where it asked for social security number and.. that caused a mighty big mess; apples and oranges, yes, but if you have a legitimate complaint in that arena I hope someone is able to assist you, here)?

- or do you have something like a Capital One business card and its now showing up on your personal credit report, you never received notice it would do so, and you want it off?

- or something else completely different, but you want tha business card off?


These are all different situations and would require tackling in different ways.   What exactly is happening in your specific situation, so someone here can assist you?

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