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Business loan for 5013c?

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Business loan for 5013c?

In the next two years, hubby and I are working on developing our business and being self-employed. I will be going back to having my private music studio (lessons), and we'll be opening a Caribbean Cafe and gift shop as a 5013c connected to fair-trade import of Haitian goods, and developing our trade school program in Haiti. 


I'm wondering a few things:


1. I assume I have to do my voice studio under a regular business and the cafe/gift shop under the 5013c? Is there a practical way/reason to combine the two? The music studio has the potential of around $50k (for the amount of time per week I'll be working). The cafe will be a partnership with myself and my husband, and my niece and her husband.


2. How do loans work with nonprofit status?


This is in the initial stages, but I'm trying to get as much info as much.

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Re: Business loan for 5013c?

One way that I try to come at this type of issue is to identify the tax returns that are required.


For example, a conventional business often uses Schedule C, and a 501(c)(3) a Form 990.


I'd recommend trying to get clear in your mind what the business structure looks like, even if you hire someone else to do your books and taxes.


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