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Can BD from LLC be placed on personal credit?

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Re: Can BD from LLC be placed on personal credit?

How can disputing without an attorney make it to late to fix and try again if they have to get attorney later? This is a 30 day trial basically... You dispute and they have 30 days to verify or boom, deleted.
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Re: Can BD from LLC be placed on personal credit?

I agree with Creditaddict's confusion on the dispute issue. I'm not sure why our trying to dispute first would be a problem. Thank you to SceneryGuy for the links, though. Interesting and pertinant info. The imbedded link was interesting. It's a shame that my husband didn't see that video before he got started with them. The PM link won't pertain to our particular situation, but it still had some very good info in it. Thanks everyone!

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Re: Can BD from LLC be placed on personal credit?

Do some research as one of the credit reporting agencies will not allow multiple attempts to remove the disputed item. You might get a couple of attempts then it's on there for good despite whatever you try. I'm not going into details about my personal experience on this one but let's say I had a very long 7 year wait for something to drop off and learned from experience that you can't keep trying until they give up and go your way. Haste makes waste - you need a good plan for success with a removal especially if they can produce signed documents that basically show a PG for the debt. 

You have to expect Snap On to have someone in the office that responds to credit reporting disputes very quickly. They are pros at this type stuff. To think they will not reply in 30 days with signed paperwork is naive. I think you will need a win in a count and a judge to rule that it needs to be removed. Don't show your hand prematurely. Seek legal council, someone with franchise lawsuits that have been decided in their favor. While it's hurting his score now a few weeks or months wait to clear this up with legal council might be worth considering as 7 years is a very long time.

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