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Capital One Spark 2% Business Denial

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Re: Capital One Spark 2% Business Denial

@ToofDoc wrote:

I was afraid of that 🤦🏻‍♂️


But then....this morning I used their Pre-Approval function and received a denial with an explanation that the reason for not product available to me is because I have an recent application pending or processing already.  So maybe my business Spark credit card application was denied due to I have a recent application processing (just 3 days ago I was approved on a personal card)?  Wither my business credit card application was denied due to too soon of another application or I forgot to unlock my Equifax and TU, I wasted of a HP on my Experian. 



Sorry for your denial. But (1) wasted HP is better than (3)Smiley Happy

I have wasted many HP's ..(9) in total over 3 years. on Capital one. I finally said "Enough ..stop the insanity" ..


I do sacrifice a HP here and there, much like you do a pawn in a Chess game.

Chin Up!, (1) wasted HP is certainly not the end of the world.

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Re: Capital One - Denial Reasons?



Two threads have been combined into one.  Please refrain from cross-posting the same topic in multiple forum areas as it can lead to confusion by the community and it's not in line with the myFICO Terms of Service.   Thanks for your understanding on this going forward.



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Re: Capital One Spark 2% Business Denial

@ToofDoc  Congrats on C1QS! Very proud of you and the progress you've made

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