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Chase Biz Reinstatement

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Chase Biz Reinstatement

Taking a page from the personal side of Chase, I reached out to Chase. The backdoor number in the forums here leads to Lending Services for personal card, but after taking some of my information, the representative obtained someone from Business Card Lending Services.


I went through several holds with the same representative. I really felt she worked for me, asked for a lot of information, but in the end I ended up with a fairly decent deal. Previously all three cards had been reduced to $2,500 each. By the end of the half hour, I had one card up to $10,000 (original limit), and the other two cards were increased to $5,000 each. I like these cards because they're from 2008 and earlier, so they trigger my free business checking account and all of the benefits that entails. None have annual fees.


I had some financial problems (personally) between 2009-2011, but now they're behind me and been on a clean slate for two years now.


I figure I'll let the dust settle, then see about requesting upgrades to "Signature" versions, now that all three cards are back at >$5k limits.

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Re: Chase Biz Reinstatement

Congrats on your reinstatements. It seems the truth gets us through.
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