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Chase Business Declined ("concerned" / "fraud")

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Chase Business Declined ("concerned" / "fraud")

My application fall to the verification process. I called them, all was fine, "thank you Sir, you're verified, wait...". Two weeks later I received a letter stating that my application was declined because they "couldn't confirm the information on it," the same info I went through the process of veryfying it, and because they are "concerned someone may be using my info fraudulently."

A Catch-22 at its best ensues.

The letter provided me with the same number I used for the verification. It's an outsourced center. They have no idea what's going on and could only parrot the same info I already knew. Even worse, they "advised" me to "just apply again," having no concept of a hard pull etc. so I called a backdoor number instead. Nothing, they "can't escalate the case" and told me to call the "verification center," the same I talked to two weeks ago and just minutes ago Smiley LOL

A year ago they also pulled my credit but did not even reply to the application. I've forgotten about it for I travelled around the world, until this has happened today. It is sort of clear to me it would happen again once I apply with them anew so I am wondering should I just forget Chase?

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