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Chase Ink Business Unlimited Approved Time Line

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Re: Chase Ink Business Unlimited Approved Time Line

glad you got the card. biggest tip/dp imo is to app in branch for chase products if at all possible.  identity is confirmed by your presence and a banker is right there to aid in recon if necessary.  the banker can also use their intranet to use a referral, that is how I have mine done.  they can also call on the spot to have the card overnight.  apply on a monday, get the card tues or wed at the lastest.  you can also double down on their cards if you have multiple gigs, ein one and ssn the other.  solid cards imo and terrific customer service.  you must be close to the amex card factory as I find initial cards from them to take over a week via usps. amex cards are a snap to get, chase sometimes takes work but juicy subs and the preferred is the best referral going + good for cell insurance

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Re: Chase Ink Business Unlimited Approved Time Line

My experience with Ink Business Preferred.


I have been in business for over 17 years but never needed financing.  Want to travel to Europe next spring and don't want to shell out the funds for business or first class so choose Chase Ink Preferred because 3% on shipping , internet and phones and for me that is over 45,000 miles annually added to the 80k bouns give at least one supersaver American Airlines booked through chase as they value ultimate points at 1.25


time line:

I applied online day before yesterday- not immedita pproval- got the 30 day message  went to my local Chase where I had a personal but not business account - my business account is at antoher bank.  HE said he could not find the application when he looked to made the app a second time.  then yesterday calling Chased told me I had 2 accounts pending- banker was going to call lending today and let me know.

He apparently did call lending but not me- when I finally got intouch with him he told me that lending wanted me to talk to them and he gave me the phone number.  I called - nice person on the othe end.  needed some verification- told her that the secretary of state shows my company trade name active- she took it on herself to get to the place on the SOS site to download the certificate with the seal.  put me on hold for 2 m inutes and came back with a congratuations SCL 25K.  then switched me to customer service who is sending card etc overnight so I have it before I leave on a trip next week- helps mileage as I will ahve a 4k bill at th Hilton and marriott in New York I can add to the card.

FICO between 771 and 787  util 11% - I have 7 main cc- none of the store stuff.

I think Chase did very well- can't blame them for wanting to verify that I actually had a business- just because I am close to a new Amazon major facility doesn't mean I have a business.


By their actions Chase just earned itself a new business account.  My prior business checking acccount I have had for 27 years- time for a new one.


Credit card does not show up in my online account yet but I just got off the phone with them 30 minutes ago


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