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Chase Ink Cards approved credit limits

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Chase Ink Cards approved credit limits

I have had my Ink Preferred with a Credit Limit if 9k and just got approved for Ink Cash but only 4K credit limit.  Does that mean I’m approaching the limit of what amount of credit they will extend to me?


I’m curious because in a few months I would like ro apply for the Ink Unlimited.  Do I need to reduce my lines I’d credit?


I do have CSR with $23k as well.

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Re: Chase Ink Cards approved credit limits

@Platinumthere has been estimates in various posting on what Chase allow for max exposure.


My credit is based on the day I made in the six figures for income (before semi retirement). Now I am way over (whatever there magical max is?) and Chase wanted to reduce my Chase Ink Business Cash CL by $7,000 (one month ago).


Back in the year 2010 they tried to reduce the same card CL down by $7,500 and my Personal Card down by $3,500. Talked them into leaving them and they did as I go back 13 years with them.


Seems both Citi and Chase have maxs as Citi told me I was out of CLIs options (hit they max exposure with other lenders figured in). Sitting on the fence whether I should voluntarily reduce limits so they don't? Credit record is clean and all payments on time. Chase said (it is true) that I under utilize the credit assigned! Smiley Sad

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Re: Chase Ink Cards approved credit limits

AMEX definitely has a max exposure, so I see no reason why Chase doesn't.

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