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Chase Ink...Now What???

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Chase Ink...Now What???

So, I app'd for the chase business ink and go this.. Thank you for applying. Your application requires further review before making a decision. Here's what you can expect: Our goal is to notify you in writing within 10 days; however, in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days. If you are approved, you will receive your card and other important information in the mail. Please do not resubmit this application. Now what do I do?

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Re: Chase Ink...Now What???

You wait.  Nothing else you can do

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Re: Chase Ink...Now What???

I wouldn't snooze on this, especially because of their 5/24 rule, I wouldn't let Chase HP without a fight. I'd be damn sure I'm getting a card with them!


I'd personally go into a branch (hopefully you already have a relationship with them) and talk to a banker and have them help push your application forward. It's what I did, and I really believe it's what helped.


Out of all the cards I have, that was the one I actually had to work to get, and that's WITH over 150k in assests with Chase. In their defense though, I didn't have my business accounts with them when I applied...I still don't, lol.


From what I understand (the Ink Plus is my first business card in a while), business cards with Chase aren't just given out willy nilly.

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