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Chase Ink Preferred Approval

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Chase Ink Preferred Approval

I've been lurking here for quite sometime and have learned so so much from you great group of people. So, my situation is an interesting one. After destroying my credit like an idiot years ago, I started my rebuild process in Oct of 2019 at 520's FICO across the board...


Self Lender Secured Loan: $1200

Capital One: $300

Self Lender Secured Card: $600

Credit One: $300

Bank of Missouri: $2000

Discover IT (AU): $4500

Verizon Paid Collection: $1300

Here's the kicker, I have 22 inquiries in the past year from auto dealers shopping deals!! 🥴. 

Current FICO: 705EQ, 683TU, and 691EX


Since I'm at 4/24 and wanted to get in with Chase since I have personal and business accounts with them, so I decided to go for a business card. I figured it was a looooong shot but knowing my business has 15-20k in deposits going into Chase like clockwork each month I said what the hell, and went for it.

Learning from this forum it's best to go in-branch, I did so and they ran and obviously no pre-approvals. So the banker called up and applied. They came back and said it was declined due to "No higher/like tradeline amounts and way too many inquires". The banker then said I was a good customer of his with solid business income and he asked did they review that. They said "no not really". Which I found odd. Then they put him back on hold for 20min!!!! Came back and said I was approved for the Chase Ink Business Preferred Card with a $10,000SL with 100k point spending 15k in the first 3 months, which I'll have easily done by next month. Going to use and pay in full every month, then go for the CSP Card in 6-8mo. While I know the  reason I got approved was my healthy monthly deposits with them, who'd of thought that a 690EX FICO with low starter cards/thin file, with 22 **bleep** inquires in the last 6mo could get approved with Chase of all companies! I'm living proof it's possible. Just wanted to share those data points with you guys, and thank you guys for all the advice you give to teach me and thousands of others like me on our credit journey. Thanks guys, much respect. To the garden I go till till next year lol. 





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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

Congratulations on your approval! Thank you for sharing the data points.
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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

Congratulations on your approval! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! 


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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

👋 That is a great story and approval.
Congratulations on your rebuilding success and Chase Ink Preferred approval! 😁
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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

Congratulations on INK, You earned it!

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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

Congratulations on your Chase Ink Preferred approval!

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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

Congrats on your Chase Ink Preferred approval . . . great back-up with your business account . . . keep watering and growing in 2021.

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