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Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Credit Card

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Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Credit Card

After reading two DPs on DOC and a thread from ratchada  debunking that this card now fell under 5/24, I gave it another go. I had applied in April 2018 and was denied for too many new recent accounts. I believe it was an instant denial. I didn't recon it and decided to let my accounts age. Back then it wasn't a denial for 5/24, I legit had many new accounts and other issuers were saying no as well.


On Jan 31st 2019 I applied again and this time it went pending. I found two numbers to check status and each one gave me different answers. One said two weeks and the other said 30 days. The line that goes directly to app status took longer to tell me I was approved. The one where you go through a mini maze to get to App Status was quicker and provided my SL and APR. (30 Days, Two Weeks, Approved was my timeline checking status between when I applied and when it was approved about 4 hours later).  Approved for $5,000 and 22.24%. SL may seem low to some but I also have $20,000 on Freedom, $10,000 on FU and $8,500 on IHG.


They double pulled TU (757) and EX (736). They have always done this for my apps, so was not fazed a bit. Scores are FICO8 from Jan 31st. I am at 30/24 with 8 turning two years at the end of March and more aging two years in 2019. My remaining credit goal with Chase is to either add CSP or Ink Business Preferred down the road. I've been banking my rewards to transfer them with one of their travel partners some day. And if it takes another year or so, that is fine with me! 

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Re: Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Credit Card

Congrats and thank you for your post. I applied as well on 1/31 but I’m still in the “two weeks” message when I call in.
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Re: Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Credit Card

I had the same experience last year.  I picked up this card in May of 2018 with a sl of $5k.  It now sits at $15k.  It'll grow.  Just spend lots of money on itSmiley Happy

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