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Chase United Business 5/24

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Chase United Business 5/24

I've heard and read that Chase has relaxed 5/24 on some of their partner cards, but there's no clear information on the partner business cards. I want to go after the United Business card for the SUB, however i'm exactly at 5/24 until December.

Does anyone know if 5/24 has been relaxed on the partner business cards as well? I could always attempt the application, but looking for others input before i do. Maybe i'll save myself a couple HP's if it's still a common no go.

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Re: Chase United Business 5/24

Not that I've seen -- whether reported on Reddit or FT, for instance.


Some folks tried their luck with the new Hyatt Biz CC and were met with disappointing results thinking the biz version was 'relaxed'. I would venture that even if Chase has relaxed some of the UW criteria, they are selective on who they approve. So, if you don't want to waste a HP, I would wait until you're under 5/24. But, if you like the "YOLO" approach, test it out and see, but temper expectations. For science, of course.

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Re: Chase United Business 5/24

I recently tried this, to be the DP I wanted to see. I hadn't seen any DPs about Chase cobranded business cards.


I was instantly approved for the IHG Premier in November 2021 while at 6/24. A couple weeks ago, in early March 2022, I was again at 6/24 because while the IHG Premier was added, another card had dropped off.


I applied for the United Business card. I was denied. The denial letter said, "Too many credit cards opened in the last two years associated with you".

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