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Chase ink first statement cut

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Chase ink first statement cut

Just got a new ink business preferred card. I have a ton of charges I need to run through it, but I don't want to put all these charges on and have a statement cut a few days later and then I need to pay it all off immediately. The account is new so it doesn't tell me when the statement will cut. Right now it says next payment due on 10/24. I don't know if that will be the due date going forward or not. If it is then would the next statement cut date be six days later on 10/30? I think my other ink card has statement cut six days after balance due date. 

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Re: Chase ink first statement cut

I do not know if this will help you or not but for my cards:


Ink Unlimited; Cycle/Statement Date is the 4th each month with a due date of the 26th each month

Ink Cash; Cycle/Statement Date is the 22nd each month with a due date of the 16th each month


Keep in mind that these do not report to your personal credit bureaus if you are worried about balances reporting and if you opened an Unlimited or Cash, you have 0% APR for 12 months.  never mind I just saw that you opened a Preferred.


If we compare apples to apples, your due date of the 24th is two days before my due date of the perhaps your cycle/statement date will be 11/02/2019. I would just call them and ask, should be a quick call.

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