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Citi Business AA World MC - CLI HP!

Epic Contributor

Citi Business AA World MC - CLI HP!

So had hit the button online the other day because it was a short form unlike the one I see on the personal side so thought maybe that meant! I was wrong...

HP to EX and decline

get letter yesterday - "Account not OLD ENOUGH for CLI"


Now I'm fine that it did say it might pull credit but WHY pull if it's not even eligible?

I called in and the first rep is here in US and speaks good enlish but her knowledge ends at that. I felt like I was recon' the app.... we don't have that department, we can't see credit, those people don't talk to customers, the list goes on... finally I was like... Look, I don't play the citi game, I don't know what you call your managers, supervisors, credit analyst, the pope, all I know is you have another department and you don't have the answers so it's frustrating for you to lie to me (I know it's what you are trained to do and you may not even know some of the things you are telling me are not true, so I don't blame you but if you don't transfer me to whoever the next person you call is, I'm going to blame you! She said please hold.


okay so part of my issue is the letter simply states account not open long enough... thanks citi.

I know it's a business card so the credit law doesn't require them to send you the score and what not like personal but don't they have to tell you they pulled credit?? I only know because we have monitoring for both me and my partner... I call BS on a bank pulling not only EX HP but a D&B and not telling the customer AT ALL! and then to pull it when it's not even used.


she knew about as much as the first so "said" she would have to put a request in for that department to call me... I won't hold my breath.


Not sure the truth since she knew nothing about credit but she said online no way to know HP or SP but if you call in they can see about a SP only CLI before proceeding with HP request.... anyone know more about this or any truth to it? is it a business card thing or both business and personal?

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