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Costco Anywhere Business Visa - Approved

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Costco Anywhere Business Visa - Approved

I recently started my own business.  I'm currently in the process of going through the excellent Business Credit 101 sticky.  In the meantime, I found it would be far easier to keep things separate from my personal expenses if I had a designated business card.  I did a little (very little) research and determined that I did not want to go the AMEX route (at the momement) and I did not want to jump through hoops for approval with Chase.  Also, I wanted a business card that did not report to my personal credit report.  Citi fit the bill. 


I have no history with Citi and anytime I've applied to them in the past, I forgot my reports were frozen which obviously never resulted in a pull.  This time I unlocked them.  I do not have an EIN yet so I used my personal info.  Also, I was not interested in minimum spend requirements.  It was instantly approved for $4K which is more than enough for my current needs and far more than I was expecting.  This should make things easier to maintain and categorize.  For what it's worth, I applied online.


Data Points (all from Experian) (although I'm not sure if that matters on the Business Credit side...I just started persuing today):

Experian Pull - 731

INQ - 4 (3Mo/6Mo) 10 (12Mo/24Mo) 

New Accounts - 3 (3Mo) 5 (6Mo) 11 (12Mo)

Current AAoA - 7y6m

April 2017 FICO 8 Scores - EX 696 | EQ 621 | TU 655
April 2018 FICO 8 Scores - EX 740 | EQ 761 | TU 742
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Re: Costco Anywhere Business Visa - Approved


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Re: Costco Anywhere Business Visa - Approved

This card actually has good benefits.  I have it, but I just do not use it enough.  There are always some other cards to tempt me... 

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Re: Costco Anywhere Business Visa - Approved

Big congrats 4Smiley Happy i wish you much successSmiley Happy

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Re: Costco Anywhere Business Visa - Approved

Hi... congrats on your approval. Smiley Happy I have a question for you... I was approved for the same card & limit (citi business costco visa $4K limit), and I am just wondering does the business card say "signature" on the visa logo? 


Thank you for your answer Smiley Happy 

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