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Dell approved no PG

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Dell approved no PG

Approved for dell, $8,500 approval been in business for 5+ years now and instant approval I didn’t enter any SSN only EIN so no PG
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Re: Dell approved no PG

Congrats on the approval and nice SL.  FYI, shortly after I used the card for the 1st time, I received a message that my order was on hold and to call.  After calling I was placed on hold and the rep called my business to verify it.  Additionally I was emailed online docs that I had to complete to verify me as the business principle.  About a day after I did this, I received an email indicating my paperwork was processed and my order hold was lifted.


Something similar happened a fews year ago when another LLC of mine was approved for this account, but I didn't have to submit the paperwork, just answer the phone when they called to verify the business.

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Re: Dell approved no PG

Dell approved for 5K no PG. We purchased two new computers are made paid 80% off in 3 months, Dell increased CL to 10K. The only downside is the APR is very high at 29.99% We use for business use, and don't plan on carrying a balance for very long.
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