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Discover Launches Business Card

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Re: Discover IT Business Card?

@IodineNightSky wrote:

thanks for all the info guys. 


i dont mind if a CC also reports to personal, i just need something that definitely reports to business credit as i dont think i have anything reporting to mine thus far. 


i actually got approved for a spark card several months ago but capital one wouldnt actually issue the card because i dont use the mailing address for the building i rent space in (i use a PO box) and CapOne were so unbelievably rigid with what documents they required for me to prove i'm actually located in the building. it was sooooo bizarre. i offered to send all sorts of other stuff (and actually did so), but they refused to be even the slightest bit reasonable. it was really one of the most bizarre situations in my life lol. 

What documents did Cap1 ask for? I’m curious because I held off on applying for Capital One Spark because I have read similar things online. But every time what they ask for and accept seems to change.


Synchrony, at least for the Amazon card, seems to also be strict about poof of address.

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