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Exxon Mobil Business

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Exxon Mobil Business

I just recieved my Exxon Mobil Business card today. I got approved for $1500.
A PG was necessary because I didn't have enough trade lines.
They use Citibank and do a hard pull from Experian if they need a PG. My Fico score was a 621 with 10 INQ

As of 3/2022

EQ.-721  |  TU.-731  |  EX.-708

Top Cards:

AmEx Gold - $10,000 POT. BofA Americard $17,000 NFCU CR. $16,000 NFCU Plat.$15,000 FNBO Visa $14,800

Disco Miles $14,000 Chase FU $13,900 USAA Signature $13,000  PayPal MC $10,000 

Macy's AmEx $25,000 Macy's AmEx (upgraded) $25,000

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Re: Exxon Mobil Business

An approval is an approval! Congrats
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