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Getting denied for Net 30s left and right

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Getting denied for Net 30s left and right

Just started my business 4 months ago so went for these so called starter accounts and im getting the run around and just flat out denied,


it seems these companies are onto people just using them for reporting purposes.


so far only quill and msc approved me but that isnt enough.


uline - wants 5 prepaid

grainger - wants 3 months of prepaids

demco - wants 1 month of prepaid

fedex - need to be a government entity or 1 million in sales

fleetcor - wants a pg as i have no history on db and equifax

supply works - approved me for 1k on saturday. I but today i place an order and they called and said i need 4 -6 months of prepaid history. **bleep**?



So basically all of these so called starters are now basically tier 2. Im seriously suprised i could get quill. So who else is out there that doesnt want prepaids or pg for tier 1?



Equifax - 628, Experian -627, Transunion- 654 In the garden until 01/01/2019
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Re: Getting denied for Net 30s left and right

Hi CreditGuy03,

  I'm going to assume you have formed a legal LLC or Corp.  I will also assume you've obtained an EIN and Duns#.  I've been there, I know how frustrating it can be.  You have Quill and MSC Industrial, so use, pay and get some history reporting with those 2 accounts.  After those 2 accounts have 3 to 6 months of history, try again for Supply Works and Grainger.  Your business really needs 15 months or more of history before you'll see approvals.  Citi backed no PG cards will require 3 plus years of reporting history, and a PG'd major of 2 would help with that as well.  

Hang in there and wait it out and I'd be willing to bet you'll see approvals for Amazon net55 and Lowes net 30 after 12 months or so of history.  

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