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Got a call from Dun & Bradstreet

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Re: Got a call from Dun & Bradstreet

@44newday wrote:

Dun & Bradstreet left a voicemail for me saying that my file with them was "incomplete" and I should call them to let a service rep help me set up my credit file.  I ignored the call since, from all the reading I've done here, I figured they just wanted to sell me one of their programs. 


I didn't really expect anything to show up there so soon.  I've made three orders from Quill and one from Uline within the past month.  Paid all online as soon as the invoices were cut.  So, I guess one or both of them have reported to D&B.  They never asked me to PG anything and the total orders were around $300 in all. 


I haven't incorporated yet since I'm unsure of whether I'll use a private attorney or Legal Zoom for that.  I've gotten mixed opinions on that one but I'm leaning toward Legal Zoom since they will let me pay in 3 installments (total around $600).  I'm also wondering if I need to rush to form my LLC or keep building business credit with the Net 30s.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks.

D&B aren't going to issue you a DUNS until your company is an established legal entity.  Dude, you're doing an LLC, it's the EASIEST thing to file for.  Seriously, it's easier than a 1040-EZ.  Most states have online submission forms that walk you through the entire process.  I'm sure your entity intends to "Engage in any and all legal business" right?  


Anyways, once your business is a legal entity and appears in your states filing directory, you can get a DUNS.  Though, your primary concern should be an EIN for bank accounts.  I have a DUNS, an EIN, and a registerred LLC.  You know how often I'm asked for my DUNS?  ZERO.  The DUNS is really only needed for federal contracts and Paydex.  BTW, I do nothing with Paydex, it's old, outdated, and hardly anyone even considers it anymore.


Get your LLC registerred and ensure it shows up on your states records site.

Get your EIN from the IRS.

Get a business checking account (shop around to get a free account).

Get a business credit card (if desired) like Amex SimplyCash or Chase Ink Plus


Forget DUNS, forget Paydex.




If you absolutely have to have a DUNS, use this site and bypass their bull**bleep**



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Re: Got a call from Dun & Bradstreet

Thanks for your comments (and humor!).  I'm still working on my business credit but have gotten sidetracked lately with finishing up some final details on the building.  I already have an EIN and a business checking account with the local Regions Bank.  I've had both for almost a year.  The bulding for the business is already paid-for, so we have no mortgage. 


After I got the call from D&B, I checked online and found that I already had a DUNS number.  I was a little shocked to get the number so soon and without my LLC being formed yet.   I guess my purchases from Quill and Uline are reporting.  I paid my invoices as soon as I could see them online, before they arrived in the mail.  Maybe that helps?  I'm planning to form the LLC online with the TN Secretary of State soon.  This was a great piece of info since I was dreading having to go to an attorney or LegalZoom.  Problem solved!


Anyway, now I need to add more of the net 30s.  From what I've read here I need three more to get to the five total needed.   I've only been buying things that the business will need--office supplies, bathroom, tissue, ink, etc.  Are there any other net 30s with an easy approval process (no PG) that report?  I'm working toward getting funding for more equipment for the deli section of the business but I figure right now no one will give me anything since my business credit hasn't gotten off the ground and my personal credit is not good. 


As always, any suggestions or comments are very much appreciated.

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Re: Got a call from Dun & Bradstreet

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