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Grainger NET 30 ... Easy

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Grainger NET 30 ... Easy

Ok, for any one looking for some insight on building new business credit , I recently append for 2 net 30 accts. that report to dnb , first I set up a quill account , I placed a 16.00 $ order it was shipped out the next day with no problems , I printed the invoice and mailed out a check the next day. I can't beleive how easy it was. Then I apped for a Grainger account, I called to see if they would set up a NET 30 account , was told that I needed to wait until the system generated an account number , was told that it generally take 24 hrs... 4 days went by and it still showed no account number on once signed it so today I called and asked why i haven't been assigned one and they didn't know, I was transferred to the credit dept , a very nice lady assigned one to me . I Asked her what my internal limit would be , she informed more that I would no have on and would need to bay by check or cash, I was bummed .... A little while later I called back and asked for NET 30 terms as I was a company that would not be able to buy anything from them with out terms , was put on hold , she cam back and said that she was going to email me a form that needed to be filled out , I filled out the form saying that I understood what net 30 terms were and faxed it back on company letterhead. I received a call 15 min later letting me know that I was approved for a 2500.00 limit and would receive a CLI in 6 mo of 2500.00 if I kept in good standing . to sum this all up . I was approved for 2 reporting NET 30. Accts in one week. And it cost me 16.00 $ . And absolutely zero effort. Just a little encouragement for thoes people looking for modern day biz credit terms. 

EQ 689 TU 687 EX 654 Amex Business Platinum .... All I Need !!

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