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HSBC Costco gave me wrong card...

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HSBC Costco gave me wrong card...

I had the app and called and asked if it was revolving and they rep said yes. Filled it out, got a $15k Line.  Spent about $3k, then registered online so I could set up auto-pay etc. Account listed as Pay in Full.


Spoke to credit department, she said it was because the app was the CSCPIF which I wouldn't have known, and they are happy to switch it over, they are sending me a CSCRVL so they can have that data on file, and I need to send in a cover letter asking the account be switched over to revolving.  As far as I can tell, no new credit pull on corp (nothing will be differerent, it was just 2 weeks ago) but wondering if there is a change I won't get it or won't get the same line?

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Re: HSBC Costco gave me wrong card...

they did that to me too, but they made me pay off the pay in fall account and then opened revolving account.
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