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High Limit Credit Cards?

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Re: High Limit Credit Cards?

That's a tough market to fund. I don't think you will get much love from the big banks. Perhaps research some other options of business financing on the boards here. 

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Re: High Limit Credit Cards?

Curious what others recommend on the cc side.


On the traditional loan side, lending environment is tough, but if your business has some track record, you might start talking to SBA microlenders. I am basing this on my recent experience in looking at financing for my 2 businesses (one that doesn't really need financing other than cc and working capital and the other that will require quite a bit of debt eventually).


I was surprised what I found when talking to one offered the our state Minority Business Organization - actually quite a bit of variability in requirements for business track record . . . many do require the 2-yrs, recent positive cash flow, others will do something after as little as 6 months (higher rates).


A couple of other things to think about - have you formed a legal entity, does the business have its own bank account, can you produce any kind of financials based on activity thus far?  All are relevant when you start talking the traditional loan route (whether you are going to pursue now or down the road).

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Re: High Limit Credit Cards?

Search for "Dealer Floor Plan" companies. They will give you a line of credit, with the cars purchased as collateral-- thats probably your best bet. There are several that specialize in small used car lots. 


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