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How long should I wait to app for Chase Ink Cash?

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How long should I wait to app for Chase Ink Cash?

Title says it all - I've had a credit card relationship with Chase for something like 9 years now, currently have 4 cards with them, of which 2 were recently opened (CSR and Freedom Unlimited). I'm likely at their max exposure limit as they had to take limits from my other cards to open Unlimited. 


I currently have $62k in credit limits on 4 credit cards with Chase. 


I've heard that Chase generally opens a max of 2 cards in any given 30-day time frame. With my CSR and Unlimited, I'm guessing I'll have to wait at last a few months before trying for the Ink Cash, but how many months?


Credit profile:


  • 10 year history, 5.5 year AAoA
  • Currently 3/24 under Chase's 5/24 rule
  • Current FICO 8 scores (recently opened accounts not yet reporting) are all over 800
  • Besides 3 credit cards opened this month, most recent account opened was installment 16 months ago
  • 3 inquiries past 12 months (all related to the 3 new credit cards I opened)
  • Current cards and limits: about a dozen with major issuers (e.g. Amex, Discover, Citi, Chase, US Bank, Fidelity, etc.)
  • Current credit limits: low $4400, high $32,000, and a mean/median ~$16,000

Starting Score: EQ 773, TU 766
Current Score (2/25/2017): EX 813, EQ 823, TU 818
Goal Score: 800

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