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Is Chase Marriott Premier Business Rewards Card subject to the Chase 5/24 rule?

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Re: Is Chase Marriott Premier Business Rewards Card subject to the Chase 5/24 rule?

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Was recently denied for it for too many new accounts.. Granted it was 30 days message on phone for awhile and ended up calling in (i know I know I should of waited) so probably shot my own self in the foot, but was at 27/24 cards per the UW(how can you even try to begin to explain this lol and that didn't include business credit and said well I just bought a new house and needed x,y,z and realized I was digging myself in a hole and said yep you are right I won't try to recon this as felt like I was about to be lectured by my mother).. I said I understand I I want to continue to value your relationship so didn't try to recon Smiley Happy.  In all honesty it might of been a blessing as want the Hyatt 60k more although the hidden TL would of been better..  Will cool it for 4-6 months and pick up the hyatt at the end of the year.

I got the 30 day message but was approved the next day.   I am not sure what was different about your profile.  Do you have a ton of Chase cards?  

4 others one at about 46k exposure which is approx 1/3 of my income so not at their ceiling as typically they do 50ish percent and sometimes higher of a persons gross income.  Reason why I think I got stuck in 30 day review for over 8 days is I applied as a sole prop., but used my Business name vs. my personal name or I might of just got by in a day or two like yourself.. I certainly could of used my EIN, etc. but didn't want to go through that hassle as Sole Prop. is just so much easier and recently just got a Barclay's business Aviator that was and was cake and we all know Amex is cake getting business cards.. I suppose I was just use to getting Amex Business cards with my business name on them vs. going the sole prop route and using my name in the business name section.  Shrug I suppose lesson learned.  I did my name for barclay's as read nightmares about all the documents they requested if you did a LLC, etc. and was painless.

Yeah I used my own name and 2k of income.  I closed one of my Southwest so I only had one Southwest and a Hyatt.  But  that was 49k total.  Perhaps if they think you have an established business they put someone on it who looks at it more closely.  

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