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Itty bitty spree

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Re: Itty bitty spree

That's good to know, regarding the use and increases.  

I really enjoy learning how this side of entrepreneurship works, and keep asking myself why I didn't know this earlier in my business life.  Thanks, all, for contributing.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Itty bitty spree

@URHomeInvestments wrote:

I applied for my first business card, a Chase Ink, after my LLC was seasoned about a year. $18000 line.  It was formed in 2017 for AirBnb and VRBO, short term rentals.

Also got an AmEx Gold, but they closed that one and I had to struggle to pay it back off.  I don't have an Amex Business product now.  Have app'd and no cigar.


I had a fraud issue with my TD Bank business checking (I mailed a check, someone intercepted it and replaced my $2000 with $8000, so I had a cascade of bounced checks).  TD closed my checking account and opened a new one, so in the mess I asked TD to open a business card.  $6000 line on the new TD Card.


CapitalOne Spark, approved.  Personal pull with Experian, TransUnion showed up immediately.  Got a $2000 line with the Spark.


Personal scores are 673 EQ 677 TU 673 EX


Congratulations on your Business credit building!


What was the SL on your Chase Ink CC, if not 18K?

Did you use/submit bank statements and Business Tax filings  along with your Ink application?

I will search for your approval thread.

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Re: Itty bitty spree

@URHomeInvestments Congrats on buildingyour business credit . . . that's my next step once I locate a physical location for the business . . . local creditors sorta frown on P.O. Boxes for an address!

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