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Kia Lease No PG

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Kia Lease No PG

I was sick and forgot to post!

I wanted to buy/lease my manager a car so I went and drove the new 2020 Kia Soul GT Line (gets upgraded trim, wheels, batching, and some safety stuff like front collision assist, etc.) and by the way barely more than the basic trim line.

Car came to like $21,810 I believe it was before the dealer had "market add-on" for $5k (bite me!)

I usually don't set foot in a dealership until I have price and financing figured out but I needed to actually drive this and then decided it was it so I have True Car app on my phone and quickly did it with the trim level and boom it instantly popped back at $17,201 which I was shocked how much of a discount it was. (I just love how easy True Car makes it!)

I told the guy I wanted to put this in the company name only.

He originally brought a personal app and told me to fill it in with company info instead of personal (it just didn't really work but I did after questioning) then he went away and came back with a PG and one of those forms like what down, what are you looking for your payment to be.

Originally I was going to finance it, so I said it really doesn't matter what I want my payment to be, it's simple math and I'm putting ZERO down.

Then, I'm like business apps take a while, so call me when you find out, I'm leaving... he wasn't ready for that and went to get the finance manager (which actually worked out) because I have now done this so much I know the wording and the process (not quick typically while sitting there)

He was like it's pretty rare for them to no pg it. I was like I have 4 vehicles no pg now so as much as I want to move to a Kia Brand, I just won't PG an auto at this time so if he couldn't do it I would just go to Nissan.

He was like they are all corporate ONLY liability and I was like yes. he was like then you must have D&B? Why, Yes, and it's in my phone so here it is!

okay, bye, call me!

Well, a couple of hours later I was called by Kia Motor finance verifying that the business was applying and that I have the authorization to do that and where it will be kept... I figured that was a good sign!

A couple more hours my sales guy starts texting, when can you come in.

I'm like I want to know the interest rate and term (0% for 66 on personal financing but doesn't qualify for all the true car rebates) and I also wanted to know finance vs. lease.

Turns out I had 1.9% for 72 months or Lease.

I took the 24-month lease $270/down and $270 month!

Now I have Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Kia all in company name!

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Re: Kia Lease No PG

Wow, congrats!

Nice DPs on KIA, previously only heard of Ford and Nissan no PG. 


Also thanks for the True Car info, seen the ads but didn't think the discounts were that good!

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Re: Kia Lease No PG

wow!! YAY, congrats CA!! Thats awesomeSmiley Happy
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Re: Kia Lease No PG

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Kia Lease No PG

This is really neat, thank you for all the info.  Congrats!!!!!!

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Re: Kia Lease No PG

Congratulations on your approval!

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