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Letter of Verification for Approval?

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Letter of Verification for Approval?

I applied for the Chase Ink Business Card (through the link at the top of this site) a few days ago.


I entered all of the required information on their website.


Today, I got a letter in the mail. Here's what it states;



"Dear (ME):


We recently recieved your application for a Business Card account. Thank you for your interest in our Businss Card credit card program.


We regret that we are unable to evaluate your request because we cannot verify the information included with the application. If you will provide us with the item(s) specified below, we will reinstate your application for evaluation.


Name of your company

Verification of tax identification number

Proof of current business physical address


(Then it tells me where to send the information requested within 30 days, and that's about it)



I know I gave them the wrong address when I filled out the application (note to self- don't fill out applications while you're half asleep). I recently moved to a new house, and gave them my new address versus the actual business address. I'm asssuming this is why my information doesn't check out. All I need to do is correct the address I provided.


How should I go about doing so, though?


Also, what verification of my tax id number should I show them? I gave them the correct number in the app.


Same question goes for my company name. I know I didn't mess that part up, lol.




Thanks for any helpful information!

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Re: Letter of Verification for Approval?

Call business recon at 800-453-9719. Ask them how you need to remit the needed information. You might be able to clear it up over the phone. 


If you are a sole proprietor it's OK to answer "same as my name, I am doing business under my own name". If you have a Federal EIN they might want a copy of the letter that contained the number, if you are using your SSN then a copy of that will do the same (I do suggest you get a Federal EIN anyhow, it's free and easy). Last item might be a copy of a current utility bill or similar. Again it's OK to run a business out of your home. I have a physical address for my business but I still use my home for mail as I travel often and feel better knowing bills and such will be at the house. 


Good luck and post back with the results!

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Re: Letter of Verification for Approval?

If your business is new, they can't find a public record of it.  For instance, a new LLC or S-Corp which hasn't showed up on your Sec of State's records; or, a fictious DBA name which hasn't been recorded anywhere yet.


If you have an EIN, just send them the IRS confirmation letter when they created your tax ID #.  If sole proprietor using your ssn, then you can send in paperwork filing for fictitious business name from your local gov't entity.


Or, finally, you can open up a Chase business account.

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Re: Letter of Verification for Approval?

Thanks for the helpful info. My business is 3 years old. I do have an EIN number for my business. I'll try to call the number mentioned above and see where that takes me. Thanks again!

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